Connecting Mankind To Be One with Nature

Building a community of like-minded individuals to live sustainably

About Noble Gateway

We aim to spread the awareness that has long been practiced by the Beijing International Exchange Association of China Sustainable Development Committee (SDC) since 2005 on the relationship between people and nature. By implementing harvest traditions to get in touch with nature and revealing one’s inner voice, humans are able to take inspiration and perform daily practices to lead a better sustainable lifestyle with the Han Wang 7+1 Model.

Nature Environment

Bolstering the power of organic materials and resources to create a positive impact on the environment and human life.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Supporting and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle and decreasing usage of Earth’s resources.

Ecological Farm

Promoting organic farming to prevent harmful effects on the Earth and continuing the food chain process in addition to providing profitability.

Han Wang 7+1 Model

Han Wang 7 + 1 is a model of sustainable community building and closely related and covers the basic elements of our lives such as food and health, education, technology as well as engagement with the public and governance & policy.

Explore The Wonders of Nature

Noble Gateway maintains a positive outlook on life and ecosystem​ by connecting living creatures and nature, revealing the value of life-sustaining opportunities. Using only natural ingredients and materials free from pesticides, harmful fertilisers, artificial preservatives. To deliver organic product to promote sustainability while nurturing the Earth at the same time.


Helping You Live a Healthy, Safe Environment

Noble Gateway empowering a community to form meaningful connections between humans and agriculture while contributing to the economy. A good natural environment is often associated with a healthy life in terms of physical and mental health. Supporting and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle and decreasing usage of Earth’s resources.


It’s all about what we do

Improve your overall mental well-being​ with our workshop, conference, etc

Providing a place for communities to spread awareness about the relationship

As a platform for partners to share eco-sustainable behaviour, life-style and model. 

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