The Hanwang 7+1 Model

The Hanwang 7+1 Model

Have you ever imagined if the lockdown continued and all residents were not allowed to leave the house, what would happen? It will be the result of insufficient food, lack of health equipment, a delayed education system, and more. It has been shown that a sustainable lifestyle is very important and helpful in this situation.

Hanwang Forum has a model that best fits this situation. This model is known as the Hanwang 7+1 Model and it is the root of the Hanwang Forum which supports its thoughts and initiatives that encompass the elements of our lives. This model consists of elements that are linked to each other to create a sustainable lifestyle. These elements consist of: 

  1. Food & Agriculture
    The use of organic methods does not harm the environment in cultivation. Ensure that the food value chain can be supplied continuously to the community.
  2. Health
    More important is the level of health of the community before the disease strikes. Therefore, finding a solution where the community environment and health have intersecting well-being.

  3. Communities
    Ensure quality of life, safety, clean and healthy environment to all communities including children to the elderly.

  4. Learning
    Promoting lifelong learning by providing a broader learning concept to add knowledge to human beings. The use of access that goes beyond traditional institutions to facilitate this learning.
  5. Technology
    The use of inclusive technologies that can assist in daily activities such as information sharing and increasing energy levels for the production and selection of these technologies has taken into consideration the environment such as the level of pollution.

  6. Civil Society
    On awareness to the community of disaster prevention methods and giving a sense of meaning through developing a value system that helps people organize themselves in disaster scenarios.
  7. Governance & Policy
    The process of construction and decisions taken must be on long-term, inclusive and ethical decisions that can enhance cooperation, harmony and universal values. This means the decisions taken do not harm the environment and all of this will be bound by agreed regulations.
  8. Art & Culture
    Expand the presence of arts and cultural tools into health, education, and technology to reinforce these elements of development in the community.
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