About Us

Our Commitment

More than just an Ecological Farm

In hopes of building a peaceful place for people to gather and be one with nature, Noble Gateway teaches a new way of life with a concept that goes beyond modern times before technology started to take over. 

Established in the year 2020, Noble Gateway is an organization that strives to build a sustainable community. Aside from being one of the committee members of Beijing International Exchange Association of China Sustainable Development Committee (SDC), Noble Gateway creates a sanctuary for people to unwind and step away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

We aim to maintain being humble while making connections with the rest of the world through various workshops, conferences and events to spread awareness of the relationship between human and nature. 

By implementing harvest traditions to get in touch with nature and revealing one’s inner voice, humans are able to take inspiration and perform daily practices to lead a better, sustainable lifestyle. 

Our Mission

Leading people the way of growing and living sustainability​

Our Vision

We build self-sustaining community through ecological farm

Our Core Values

Continual Education

Hosting workshops, seminars and events through continuous efforts to educate the masses about the beauty of sustainability

Sustainable Economy

Working closely with nature alongside technology innovation to build a sustainable economy and encourage ecopreneurship

Healthy Environment

Creating a diverse ecosystem by connecting living creatures and nature, revealing the value of life-sustaining opportunities

Ethical Activities

Staying true to our roots and principles of care for the Earth and people, fairness, ecology and overall health

Our Story

Starting from 2019 December, it was a worn-out, unmaintained shelter, however the volunteers of Noble Gateway managed to transform it into a base for souls to nourish and grow.


The organic soil is one of the key components of our base, without a healthy soil nothing will survive. The worms are the best prove for that. It was mostly concrete and wasteland before the volunteers stepped in and try various techniques, including clear weeds, clean the construction waste, plough the soil, to fertilize the soil and replenish the nutrient that was drain and lost.


It was built to sheltered as many animals as possible, thus making the space crowded and unnatural. For short, the environment is not in line with the Noble Gateway’s vision. To tackle this situation, the volunteers did landscaping, breeding of flower.


The volunteers weren’t the most knowledgeable and certainly not the most experience as one would hope. We have come a long way, from struggling to grow a plant to maintaining a sustainable mindset. In any obstacles, we make sure that we are align with the “7+1 Hanwang Practice”, and work together with our colleagues from different countries. As for the long-term volunteers, since they have stayed in the noble gateway daily, and connected with nature more deeply, they have improved their overall physique, transcended their mind and soul to be more present and grown to appreciate the little things in life. And here we are, proudly introduce our team.


We have done and will continue to do many projects involving the community, including “Field of Hope”, “DaoZhiLu Spinal care” and various spiritual classes. Our goal is not only improve our own health but to help as many people as we possibly can.

Our Partner

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